Salmon with Savoy Cabbage & Bacon


2 x 160g Salmon fillets
5 outer leaves of a Savoy cabbage cut into thin strips
2 rashers of bacon cut into thin batons
1 onion sliced thinly
2 cloves of garlic thinly sliced
Juice of 1 lemon
50ml of stock
Thinly sliced strips of smoked salmon
Keta caviar (optional)
8 new potatoes (cubed & roasted or boiled) (optional)

Have all your prep finished before you begin to cook.


For the cabbage mix

Render the bacon batons in a pan until crisp. Set aside, retaining the bacon fat.
Sweat the onion & garlic down in a pan large enough to accommodate the cabbage, bacon and smoked salmon.
(Once the onions & garlic are soft you should aim to cook the following for no more than 4 minutes. This will preserve the lovely colour of the savoy)
Add the chiffonade of Savoy cabbage to the onion and cook until it begins to soften
Add the stock, lemon juice, salt and pepper and continue to cook.
Add the bacon and finally run the strips of smoked salmon through the mix, continue to heat for 20 secs. and then serve.

For the salmon fillets

Heat a non-stick pan with a small amount of oil to moisten.
Place the salmon fillets skin side down and cook on a high heat until the bottom third of the fillet changes colour from a raw pink to a opaque pink. The heat will gradually vertically permeate the flesh starting from the contact point with the pan.
Carefully flip the fillet over and cook the other side to required “done-ness” – for a 160g fillet don’t cook for more than 4 minutes in total.
Remove from pan and serve on the bed of cabbage.

Serve with roasted or boiled new potatoes and a quenelle of Creme Fraiche with lemon & black pepper on the salmon fillet. For extra bling run some Keta caviar through the Creme Fraiche (salmon eggs – actually pretty cheap).


A good quality, flinty, apple-y glass of Riesling (Alsace, German or Australia) served really quite cold will compliment this perfectly.


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