Here at OvenReadyChicken I pride myself on being able to teach just about anyone anything. If you have a burning desire to learn the ins-and-outs of Shellfish preparation and cooking then that’s what I’ll teach you.

If you have a sweet tooth and Puddings are your thing then I’ll roll out the sugar thermometer and get caramelising.

Alternatively if you want to learn a whole host of techniques then I can put together a bespoke course to suit your needs.

How It Works

The established Masterclasses are all priced at £50. The price includes:

  • all specialist ingredients needed for the lesson
  • all specialist equipment that you may not have in your own kitchen
  • all the time and tuition it takes to teach the discipline
  • the final meal cooked using the techniques learnt
  • the recipe and easy to follow instructions so you can recreate the dish anytime

    I think it’s counter-productive to shop specifically for ingredients which go towards making one dish; It’s expensive, time consuming and defeats the object of being able to cook great food no matter how well stocked your kitchen. It’s far better to be able to create great dishes using only a few bespoke ingredients and the contents of your own kitchen cupboards. With this in mind click here to see some suggestions for everyday store-cupboard items which all budding home Chefs should have to hand.

    Below is a list of the most popular cooking courses on offer. Have a rummage in the cupboards and see what gets the taste buds salivating

    From Fish to Fillets in minutes

    Bake Britain Great

    Duck & Cover

    What’s at Steak?


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